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Nightbirde was a singer from Season 16 of America's Got Talent. She withdrew prior to the Quarterfinals, but after a long fight with cancer on February 19, 2022, she unfortunately passed away at the age of 31.


Nightbirde's real name is Jane Marczewski and hails from Zanesville, Ohio.


Nightbirde's audition in Episode 1602 consisted of singing her original song "It's Okay". Moved by her performance, Simon Cowell pressed the Golden Buzzer, sending her directly to the Quarterfinals.


On August 2, 2021, Nightbirde announced that due to her health taking a turn for the worse she withdrew from the competition. She appeared in Episode 1610 via video to share her thoughts on her withdrawal.[1]


Unfortunately, Marczewski died from the disease on February 19, 2022 at the age of 31. She was surrounded by family in her San Clemente, California residence. The Marczewski family created The Nightbirde Memorial Fund, a new foundation that donates to cancer research and will help support those unable to afford the treatment they need.

The AGT judges and host released condolences on social media. America's Got Talent: Extreme honored Nightbirde at the end of the "Auditions 2" episode on February 28, 2022. A title card read "In Memory of Jane 'Nightbirde' Marczewski" (with a photo of her).

A celebration of life was held for her in Ohio on March 4, 2022.


  • Nightbirde is the first Golden Buzzer in AGT history to withdraw from the live shows.
  • Nightbirde is also the first Golden Buzzer in AGT history to pass away. She was followed by Zuri Craig, who was a part of the duo The CraigLewis Band in Season 10.
  • She was named Simon Cowell's all-time favorite Golden Buzzer act in the Simon's Favorite Golden Buzzers special.
  • Lebanese dance group Mayyas was inspired by Nightbirde to audition for AGT, and they went on to win the competition. Her song "It's Okay" featured in their audition package in Episode 1704.
  • Mzansi Youth Choir performed a rendition of her song "It's Okay" for their audition in Episode 1801. They received the first ever Audience Golden Buzzer.

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