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Olox was a throat singing duo from Season 15 of America's Got Talent. They were eliminated in the Judge Cuts.


Olox is the creative union between Andreas Veranyan-Urumidis and Zarina Kopyrina which is a fusion of heart rhythms and electronic sounds mixed with ethnic songs from the native Sakha people from Siberia characterized by animal, bird and deep nature vocals. 

This year, Olox headlined Lucidity Festival, RelaxPansion, OmRising, Beloved and played multiple shows at Burning Man. Olox also took part in the international forum Arctic Circle-2015 in Iceland and in the French-American Arctic expedition Pax Arctica (DeLong Islands) sponsored by the Prince Monaco Foundation. In 2018, Olox was an expert for Stereofuture Russian Music Awards and was endorsed by the Bose company in Russia. [1]


Olox's audition in Episode 1504 consisted of throat singing The Cranberries' "Zombie". Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Simon Cowell all voted "Yes", sending them to the next round.

Judge Cuts[]

Olox was shown during the deliberating stage. Although Their verdict was not shown,They failed to make the Quarterfinals, eliminating Olox from the competition.

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