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Paul Blair was a hula hoop performer act from Season 10 of America's Got Talent. He was eliminated in the Judge Cuts.


Paul Blair is That Hula Hoop Guy, also known as "Dizzy Hips." He is featured in Ripley’s Believe it or Not and has been seen on ESPN, Nickelodeon, Evening Magazine and Wii Fit commercials for his exploits in Hula-hooping, Fitness, comedy, Retro-Recess(tm), circus arts, green event services, and charity fundraising. Since he began doing benefits shows he has helped raise over $300,000 for museums, orphanages, schools and other charities. Dizzy can most often be found touring in his natural gas powered rv or his bicycle and customized hoop/doggy trailer with his Siberian husky, Nanook.

Since the passing of his dear friend Jessie, Dizzy has focused his life and talents to charity, benefit shows, schools, fundraising and Green Event Services.

As an event entertainer for over 8 years Dizzy has seen the ugliest of greed and waste in our society. Dizzy spent countless hours redistributing food, decor and and other wonderful discarded treasures from corporate events. He once brought three garabage bags full of sausages to the SPCA dog training school- and helped them chop them into treat-sized peices- after a 17000 person event in San Francisco. another time he brought 4 dozen hula dolls to a school and gave a presentation on his time as an archeologist in Hawaii.

When Dizzy was a kid he hand wrote and passed out flyers around his neighborhood asking people to leave their papers and can out on the porch- this was in days days before city wide recycling! At 7 years old he would pull his wagon around from house to house collecting piles of papers and cans. About once a month the garage would get full and his dad would help with bring it to the recycling station.

herbicide spray in NW coast estuaries, Paul ran an operation called Spartina Paperworks for 4 years. he developed papermaking techniques, made other papercrafts and sold to stores up and down the west coast including Papyrus and The Nature Store. He and others working on the issue finally won- herbicide use on spartina was banned!

He has performed with circuses & event companies for 12 years. Dizzy has coached thousands of kids and adults in various circus arts-including 7 who went on to Cirque du Soliel- sports, crafts and outdoor skill. His sports experience includes college level soccer, swimming, track, rugby, crew & triathlon. [1]


Paul Blair's audition was never televised. Although Heidi Klum voted "No," Howard Stern, Mel B, and Howie Mandel voted "Yes," sending Paul to the Judge Cuts.

Judge Cuts

Paul Blair's Judge Cuts performance in Episode 1010 consisted of twirling in a square-shaped hula-hoop, twirling a hula hoop around his neck, and spinning an especially large hoop around his waist. Howard, Heidi, Mel, and Howie all buzzed the act, automatically eliminating Paul from the competition.

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