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Russian Bar Trio was a russian bar trio from Season 3 of America's Got Talent. The group withdrew before the Quarterfinals due to an injury, but returned eight years later for Season 11, where they withdrew before the Judge Cuts.


From Canada, The Russian Bar Trio is born from the circus compagny Cirque Eos. The performers are Marco Dieckmann, Christine Bédard and Yves Gagnon. They have performed over a thousand shows in the last five years.

They have partaken in many events, including the following: Cavalia tour Circus and horse show under big top 2006, Winners of the Best new Act Award at Kingston rendez-vous festival 2006, BMW Thailand motor show 2006, The United Nation World Urban Forum closing cereminies 2006, The World economic Forum in Jordan Closing ceremonies in honour of Sir Hussein Jordan king 2004, NBA half time show for a crowd of 16 000 persons, several famous German Cabarets, corporative event in honour of Canada's prime minister The Honourable Jean Chrétien, amd festivals throughout the world (Canada, USA, Mexico Europe and Asia). They have worked for several circus companies like Cirque du soleil, Cirque Eos, Cirque Eloize, Cirque Fantastic concept, and Cirque Plus.

In 2007, the trio placed 9th overall in the second season of France's Got Talent.[1]

Season 3 Audition[]

Russian Bar Trio's audition in Episode 302 consisted of of two of the trio carrying the 30-feet long, 4-inch wide Russian Bar while the third of the trio performed acrobatic flips in the air and landed on the bar. Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, and David Hasselhoff all voted "Yes", sending the group to the Vegas Round.

Season 3 Vegas Round[]

Russian Bar Trio was sorted into the "Extreme Performers" category in the Vegas Round. Its performance in Episode 308 consisted of more Russian Bar, this time with additional flips in the air. The trio's audition was strong enough for the judges to include it in the Top 60 shortlist and to later send it to the Top 40 Quarterfinals in Episode 309.

Season 3 Withdrawal[]

Because the trio sustained an injury during a rehearsal, the Russian Bar Trio was forced to withdraw from the competition. Donald Braswell II would take their place and eventually make it to the Finals.

Season 11 Audition[]

Russian Bar Trio returned in Season 11, recovered from any injuries. The group's audition in Episode 1103 consisted of two of the trio carrying the 30-feet long, 4-inch wide Russian Bar while the third of the trio performed acrobatic flips in the air and landed on the bar. Tricks involved Christine weeding through hoops and flipping multiple times in the air. Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell all voted "Yes," sending the trio to the Judge Cuts.

Season 11 Judge Cuts[]

Russian Bar Trio did not perform in the Judge Cuts round. When questioned on August 2nd, Russian Bar Trio responded to a tweet that asked why they never appeared during the Judge Cuts; they responded, "We were unfortunately not available for the recording of the middle round, we were performing in Indonesia". [2]

After Season 11[]

In 2017, Russian Bar Trio appeared on the fourth season of the Italian competition series Tu Si Que Vales.

In 2023, Russian Bar Trio auditioned for Spain's Got Talent: All-Stars but did not advance to the final.[3]


  • No other Russian bar act auditioned after the Russian Bar Trio until Sandou Trio Russian Bar in Season 6. No other Russian bar act auditioned for America's Got Talent since then until the trio returned.
  • Russian Bar Trio are the first televised act on America's Got Talent to have knowingly withdrawn from the competition in two separate seasons.

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