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Sam B was a dancer from Season 6 of America's Got Talent. He was eliminated in the Quarterfinals.


Sam B., also known as Happy Dance, started dancing at the age of 10, after watching the movie "Staying Alive" starring John Travolta. He began by dancing in his room and at the beach. At first, he danced to impress the ladies, but since he was a beginner, he didn't have much success.

Living in Algeria, he did not go to a lot of clubs, and his moves were not perfect. When he came back to the United States after 26 years, he started visiting nightclubs frequently. He would go out every weekend just to dance. Sam's dancing has improved, and now he notices that the ladies love it. Happy Dance has never had a dancing lesson in his life. 1


Sam B's audition in Episode 608 consisted of dancing to "Shots." Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, and Howie Mandel all voted "Yes," sending Sam to the Vegas Round.

Vegas Round[]

Sam B was one of the Standby Acts in the Vegas Round. He was sorted into the "Dance Acts" category. His performance in Episode 612 consisted of dancing to "I Gotta Feeling." His audition was strong enough for the judges to send him to the Quarterfinals.


Sam B's Quarterfinals performance in Episode 619 consisted of dancing to "Club Can't Handle Me." Piers Morgan buzzed the act. The act did not receive enough votes to finish in at least fifth place in America's Vote, eliminating him from the competition in Episode 620 along with Scott Alexander, instead of Team iLuminate.


  • Sam B's audition dance is referenced in League of Legends, a MOBA game created by Riot Games.
  • He has also competed in Arabs got talent and lost in the audition round.

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