Season 1 of America's Got Talent premiered on June 21, 2006 and concluded on August 17, 2006. Regis Philbin hosted, and Piers Morgan, David Hasselhoff, and Brandy Norwood were judges. The season's winner was Bianca Ryan.

Judging Panel

Piers Morgan Brandy Norwood David Hasselhoff
Piers1 Brandy1 David1


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Acts auditioned for the judges in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago.


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Color Meaning
Judges' Choice
Viewers' Choice
Wild Card
Week Moved On Eliminated Eliminated without Performing Date #
1 The Millers Alexis Jordan All That Corina Brouder Hoopalicious Andy Chitanga Bernie Barker Hell If I Know July 12, 2006 104
Taylor Ware J.R. Johns Kevin Johnson Shawn Ryan Vladik Jessica Sanchez The Players Club July 13, 2006 105
2 Realis Bobby Badfingers Dave the Horn Guy Leonid the Magnificent Mark The Knife Clarence Donaldson K Turbo PBM July 19, 2006 106
At Last N'Versity Natasha Le Sugar-N-Spice Vladimir Rabbi Baptiste The Hemphill Kids July 20, 2006 107
3 Rappin' Granny Caitlyn Taylor Love Elliot Zimet Kenny Shelton Nathan Burton Billy Januario Chadwick July 26, 2006 108
Bianca Ryan Sonia Lee Team AcroDunk Ten13Concept Trey Knight's Stilt World Jesschelle Marla and Michelle July 27, 2006 109
4 Jon & Owen - The Passing Zone Dave Smith One Man Sideshow David & Dania - Quick Change Desperation Squad George Kelly Aaron Burr Conrad Wright August 2, 2006 110
Celtic Spring King Charles Troupe Lilia Stepanova Michelle L'amour Sean and John Daniel Colin Ivan Pecel August 3, 2006 111
WC All That Alexis Jordan Bobby Badfingers Corina Brouder Jessica Sanchez August 9, 2006 112
David & Dania - Quick Change Leonid the Magnificent N'Versity Natasha Le Nathan Burton August 10, 2006 113


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Winner 2nd/3rd 4th/5th 6th-10th Date Episode
Bianca Ryan All That Celtic Spring At Last David & Dania - Quick Change Jon & Owen - The Passing Zone August 16, 2006 114
The Millers Taylor Ware Rappin' Granny Realis August 17, 2006 115

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