Season 10 of America's Got Talent premiered on May 26, 2015. It concluded on September 16, 2015. The entire judging panel and host from Season 9 returned.

Dunkin' Donuts was the official beverage sponsor of this season, having its products shown throughout the show and their cups on the judges' desks.

America's Got Talent live shows were also performed at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City. This was the last season to be set at Radio City Music Hall.

Howard Stern announced on his radio show that this season would be his last season as a judge. He made the decision to leave due to his busy work schedule.

Judging Panel

Howard Stern Heidi Klum Mel B Howie Mandel
Howard10 Heidi10 Melb10 Howie10


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Judge Cuts

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Color Meaning
Dunkin' Save
Judges' Choice
Wild Card
Week Moved On Eliminated Date #
1 Alondra Santos Benton Blount Drew Lynch Paul Zerdin Craig and Micheline Showproject The Gentlemen August 11, 2015 1012
Piff the Magic Dragon Samantha Johnson Siro-A Triple Threat Vita Radionova August 12, 2015 1013
2 3 Shades of Blue Arielle Baril Derek Hughes Ira Animation Crew Damone Rippy DM Nation August 18, 2015 1014
Sharon Irving The CraigLewis Band Uzeyer Novruzov Freckled Sky Myq Kaplan August 19, 2015 1015
3 Alicia Michilli Daniella Mass Freelusion Gary Vider Benjamin Yonattan Chapkis Dance Family DADitude! August 25, 2015 1016
Mountain Faith Band Oz Pearlman The Professional Regurgitator Metal Mulisha Fitz Army Selected of God August 26, 2015 1017


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Color Meaning
Dunkin' Save
Judges' Choice
Week Moved On Eliminated Date #
1 Benton Blount Derek Hughes Drew Lynch Arielle Baril Ira Metal Mulisha Fitz Army September 1, 2015 1018
Oz Pearlman The CraigLewis Band Mountain Faith Band Samantha Johnson Siro-A September 2, 2015 1019
2 Gary Vider Paul Zerdin Piff the Magic Dragon 3 Shades of Blue Alicia Michilli Alondra Santos September 8, 2015 1020
The Professional Regurgitator Uzeyer Novruzov Daniella Mass Freelusion Sharon Irving September 9, 2015 1021


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All 10 remaining acts performed to win one million dollars and the headlining of a show on the Las Vegas strip.

Symbol Meaning
Ovation Standing Ovation
Name Act Howie Mel B Heidi Simon Result
1. Oz Pearlman Mentalist 3rd Place
2. Uzeyer Novruzov Ladder Acrobat Top 10
3. Benton Blount Country Singer/Guitarist Top 10
4. Gary Vider Stand-up Comedian Top 10
5. Piff the Magic Dragon Magician/Comedian Top 10
6. Paul Zerdin Ventriloquist Winner
7. The CraigLewis Band R&B Vocal Duo Ovation Ovation Ovation Ovation 5th Place
8. Derek Hughes Magician/Comedian Top 10
9. The Professional Regurgitator Regurgitator Ovation Ovation Ovation Ovation 4th Place
10. Drew Lynch Stand-up Comedian Ovation Ovation 2nd Place

Notable past contestants

  • Jenna Renae, who was eliminated in week 2 of the Judges' Cuts, later tried out for the final season of American Idol in 2016. She ended up finishing in the top 24.


  • Season 10 modified the rules of the Golden Buzzer. Instead of sending an act to the Vegas Round and ignoring the other judges' votes, the buzzer now sends an act straight to the live shows.
  • It's unknown if the judges still drink Snapple as the drinking cups now say Dunkin Donuts.
  • Howard Stern stepped down from the panel after the conclusion of the season.