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The Judge Cuts of Season 15 of America's Got Talent were aired on July 28, 2020. A total of 10 acts performed. 39 acts, along with 5 Golden Buzzer acts from the auditions, proceeded to the Quarterfinals, and 28 acts were rejected. The final outcome of 5 acts are unknown.


The Judge Cuts round will return for its sixth year. However, the regular format was changed around a lot.

Serving as the middle round between the auditions and the live shows, 60 acts were pulled from the 100+ acts that were accepted by the judges in the Auditions. Similar to the Vegas Round or Judgment Week of previous seasons, some acts will advance to the Quarterfinals without performing. 10 acts performed for 5 spots in the Quarterfinals.

Eliminated without Performing[]

4 acts were sent home by the judges without performing again.


Moved On without Performing[]

34 acts were deemed so talented by the judges that the judges sent them straight to the Quarterfinals without performing again. Some acts were announced after the Judge Cuts episode.


Episode 1508[]

Main article: Episode 1508

10 acts participated, and 5 acts moved on.

Moved On:



The following acts withdrew from the competition before or during the Judge Cuts.

Did Not Appear[]

The following acts were not seen in the competition after their auditions. Some acts were cut before the Judge Cuts, some had only intended to perform once for the judges, others withdrew for personal reasons, and others' outcomes are unknown.

Audition Golden Buzzer Acts[]

The following acts were given the Golden Buzzer during the audition round; as a result they were allowed to skip the Judge Cuts and advance straight to the Quarterfinals.

Moved On:


  • For the third year in a row, no Judge Cuts acts were buzzed out.