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The judges had a hard time choosing the 36th live show spot so a Wildcard Show was implemented for one act to take the final spot in the live shows. It was aired exclusively on Peacock on August 10, 2021 at 7PM EST, an hour before the start of the first Quarterfinal round. 5 eliminated acts performed for a second chance in the live shows, though only one will be brought back, while the other 4 are eliminated.


Prior to the start of the Quarterfinals, five acts that were initially not selected to perform in the Quarterfinals were brought back for a second chance. They each had their own performance in a similar vein to a regular live show round, though unlike those, the judges were not present at all.

Voting for the Wild Card was exclusively done on Twitter, with each user being able to vote once by using the hashtag, "#AGTWildCard", and tagging the act they want to see return. Voting ended on August 13, 2021, and the winner was announced at the start of the third Quarterfinal round.


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This is the first wildcard episode to take place since Episode 724.