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The Deliberations of Season 17 of America's Got Talent were aired on August 2, 2022. A total of 55 acts, including 6 Golden Buzzer acts from the auditions, proceeded to the Semifinals. This round was held at Simon Cowell’s house in Malibu.


Serving as the middle round between the auditions and the live shows, The judges must deliberate on which acts deserve a spot in the Semifinals out of the all of the acts that were accepted by the judges in the Auditions.

Moved On[]

These acts are confirmed to be among the 55 (49 acts, not counting the 6 Golden Buzzers) that the judges put through to the Season 17 Semifinals:

America's Wildcard[]

As the judges could not decide on who the 55th and final act should be, it was decided to let the public decide. The winner would advance to the Semifinals and participate in the fifth live show.

Moved On:



The following acts were seen on the shortlist that the judge's deliberated on or announced through social media or other means that they were eliminated.


The following acts withdrew from the competition before or after the deliberations.


The following acts had their card shown, but did not have their audition air.

Audition Golden Buzzer Acts[]

The following acts were given the Golden Buzzer during the audition round; as a result they were allowed to skip the deliberations and advance straight to the Semifinals.

Moved On:


  • With the exception of Players Choir, none of the singing acts that were stopped by Simon in their auditions advanced to the live shows.