Age (at audition) 29; 30
Sex Male
Act Novelty Act
Seasons 13, 14
Position Reached None; None

Sethward was a novelty act from Season 13 of America's Got Talent. He was eliminated in the audition round. Sethward returned for Season 14, where he was twice eliminated in the audition round.


Seth Allison grew up in a large Texas family in a small Texas town. He graduated from Pepperdine University with a B.A. in Media Production, accompanied by an emphasis in acting. Seth was the executive producer of "The Randumb Show," a sketch comedy program broadcast on local Malibu station 32. He's currently producing video content for various comedy channels including his YouTube which has over 20 million views. Seth resides in Hollywood California where you can catch him live in The Murge with his absurdist comedy troupe from The Idiot Workshop or on one of his improv teams, Interrobang‽ or Soda Jerk. Every last friday of the month come by Sethward's Show & Tell Screening Spectacular for LA's best prereleased comedy videos. [1]

Sethward appeared in the Gong Show reboot multiple times as a "snake".

Season 13 Audition

Even before Sethward began his audition in Episode 1303, the audience was quickly put off by his appearance and mannerisms, booing and jeering for him to get buzzed off. His act consisted of shedding from his caterpillar costume into one of a butterfly, portraying an actual caterpillar's metamorphosis. At the end of the act, unfortunately for Sethward, he "accidentally" exposed himself to the judges and the audience as there was a hole in his stockings. Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell all buzzed the act. All four judges voted "No", eliminating him from the competition.

After Season 13

Sethward made several more appearances on The Gong Show in the show's second season in 2018: the June 21 (as a walrus) and July 26 episodes (as a chicken). He was gonged twice: the first by Rita Wilson and the second by Lil Rey Howery. He appeared on the August 23 episode (as a cow) and got 26 points, finishing in second place behind Rose City Circus. He appeared again on the August 30 episode (as a bunny) and was gonged again by Rita Wilson.

Season 14 Audition

Sethward returned for Season 14. His audition in Episode 1403 consisted of first standing on stage dressed in a giraffe costume and telling a story about how he was dropped on his head at birth.   Howie Mandel , Gabrielle Union , Julianne Hough and Simon Cowell all buzzed the act.  While being dragged off the stage by Terry Crews, he then flashed the audience.  Afterwards, he later returned to the stage dressed in a walrus costume in which he played with beach balls and rolled off the stage.  Although Howie and Simon voted "yes," Gabrielle and Julianne voted "no," eliminating Sethward from the competition.

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