Sila Sveta



Age (at audition) 20-35
Sex Mixed
Act Videomapping Dance Duo
Seasons 11
Position Reached Quarterfinalist

Sila Sveta was a videomapping dance duo act from Season 11 of America's Got Talent. It was eliminated in the Quarterfinals.


NBC officials got in touch with Sila Sveta to invite them to take part in the contest, having been amazed by the studio's portfolio, especially many of their car launch projects. They had no constraints in terms of creativity and were only limited by the stage dimensions and technical requirements for the TV broadcast. They took the risk and departed to LA, inspired by the unique opportunity.

By the time Sila Sveta started working on the performance, "Levitation" had already become the most watched video ever posted online by Sila Sveta. This was another work made in collaboration with Russia K TV, therefore they knew that the concept was perfect for the TV format. They further developed the idea of an unconventional shooting angle to create an illusion of dancers levitating in air and created the Sleeping Beauty act for America's Got Talent. Arthur Kondrashenkov, co-author of Levitation, joined the project team as Art Director.

Sila Sveta also invited choreographer Oleg Glushkov, a long-time partner and friend of Sila Sveta, to stage the act. Previously they collaborated on numerous acts, including the BMW 7 Series presentation — a live stage perfomance with holographic visuals.

The first rehearsals of the act took place in Moscow, where Glushkov and Creative Director Alexander Us developed the creative concept of the performance. With the help of performers they designed the choreography and the visual concept of the act.

According to the rules of America's Got Talent, at least some part of the creative team must be from the US, therefore Sila Sveta decided to look for local performers in LA. Having partnered with several agencies, they received a lot of video portfolios, which allowed the choreographer to select the performers remotely.

Later, they had to organize the second casting where we finally found Derek and Arielle, the dancers that would perform on the show. [1]

Sila Sveta translates from Russian to "Power of Light" in English.


Sila Sveta's audition in Episode 1106 consisted of performing a modern dance take on Sleeping Beauty with digital projections. The dance duo danced in front of projections depicting beds and chandeliers. A camera switched between a view of the wall and of the floor so the duo could portray effects like floating in the air while on the floor. The entire performance played to "With You" from Ghost the MusicalHowie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell all voted "Yes," sending the duo to the Judge Cuts.

Judge Cuts

Sila Sveta did not perform in the Judge Cuts, but passed through to the Quarterfinals as a wildcard


Sila Sveta's Week 1 Quarterfinals performance in Episode 1111 consisted of two performers dancing in front of and behind a variety of colorful shapes. The act appeared to conclude with one of the dancers appearing to die after being struck and whose ghost then floated above the stage. Sila Sveta did not receive enough votes to be sent to the Semifinals in Episode 1112, eliminating it from the competition instead of Jon Dorenbos and Tape Face.

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