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Steven Retchless was a pole dancer from Season 6 of America's Got Talent. He was eliminated in the Semifinals.


Steven broke into the aerial art scene in 2010 when he won the title as the first ever American Pole Fitness Champion, but his background and achievements reach far beyond the aerial arts. At an early age he studied dance through local Las Vegas studios, dance companies, prestigious schools, the Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts and California Institute of the Arts. His education only fuelled his desire to find a yet more unique kind of expression, that encompassed all aspects of his extensive dance training.

Aside from touring, Steven is one of the top instructors at the highly respected studio, Body and Pole in New York City, which currently houses arguably the best pole, stretch, dance and aerial art instructors on the planet. As a talented performer Steven has a gift for owning the stage and projecting unforgettable expression, making him a distinct figure in the Pole Community. [!bio/c240r 1]


Steven Retchless's audition in Episode 607 consisted of pole dancing to Katy Perry's "E.T.". Piers Morgan buzzed the act. Although Piers voted "No," Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne both voted "Yes," sending him to the Vegas Round.

Vegas Round

Steven Retchless was one of the Judges' Favorites in the Vegas Round. He was sorted into the "Acrobats" category. His performance in Episode 611 consisted of more pole dancing such as acrobatic tricks and "spinning" around the pole. His audition was strong enough for the judges to send him to the Quarterfinals.


Steven Retchless's Quarterfinals performance in Episode 615 consisted of pole dancing to "Marry the Night (Zedd Remix)" while accompanied by backup dancers. Piers Morgan buzzed the act. Sharon Osbourne gave him a standing ovation. Despite being buzzed, Steven received enough votes to send him to the Semifinals in Episode 616 instead of Attack Dance Crew and Geechy Guy.


Steven Retchless's Semifinals performance in Episode 627 consisted of pole dancing to "Animal" while accompanied by two other pole dancers dancing on two poles adjacent to him. Piers Morgan buzzed the act. The act did not receive enough votes to finish in at least sixth place in America's Vote, eliminating him from the competition in Episode 628 along with Gymkana, instead of Silhouettes.


  • Steven Retchless was the only quarterfinalist in Season 6 and the fifth overall who was buzzed yet nevertheless proceeded to the Semifinals.  He was succeeded by Aaron Crow.
  • He is known to be a act Piers Morgan highly disapproved of with him buzzing him every peformance expect for Vegas round where the buzzers were not allowed.

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