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The Calypso Tumblers were a tumbling group from Season 2 of America's Got Talent. They were eliminated in the Top 10.


The Calypso Tumblers' stunts have entertained countless thousands of New York City tourists- an average of four million each year- in weekday performances in Battery Park and weekend performances in Washington Square. They’ve developed a fan base among New Yorkers and are active in the city’s club circuit.

They’re a team of accomplished acrobatic gymnast, contortionist and comedic entertainers. Based in New York, they’ve performed throughout the United States and abroad. The team, founded in 1981 by M.C. John “Dr. Juice” Allicock adopted their name and style from the popular, energetic music of their Caribbean homeland.

They’ve received national and international attention from television and print media, including New York talk shows where they were overwhelming crowd favorites in talent events. Television appearances include The Arsenio Hall Show, Showtime at the Apollo, MTV’s Oddville, Good Morning America, The Today Show and Good Day, New York.

The Calypso Tumblers have provided half-time entertainment for WNBA’s New York Liberty. They’re also invited regularly to perform at the giant Arnold Fitness Expo in Columbus, Ohio.

Each year, the Calypso Tumblers continue to field thousands of invitations to perform in clubs, on tours, and for special occasions throughout the US, Caribbean and Europe. 1


Calypso Tumblers' audition in Episode 203 consisted of performing a routine involving tumbling, balancing on eachother, and spinning on their heads. Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, and David Hasselhoff all voted "Yes," sending the group to the Vegas Round.

Vegas Round

Calypso Tumblers were sorted into the "Variety" category during the Vegas Round. Their performance in Episode 205 consisted of a tumbling and acrobatic routine. Their audition was strong enough for the judges to send them to the Semifinals in Episode 206.


Calypso Tumblers' Semifinals performance in Episode 208 consisted of flipping, spinning on heads, contortion moves, and hand-to-hand balancing. They received enough votes to be sent to the Top 10 the following week.

Top 10

Calypso Tumblers' Top 10 performance in Episode 209 consisted of a tumbling dance routine involving flipping and balancing. They did not receive enough votes to be sent to the Final 8, eliminating them from the competition in Episode 210.

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