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The Demented Brothers
Sex Male
Act Comedy Magic Duo
Seasons 15
Position Reached Withdrew

The Demented Brothers was a comedy magic duo act from Season 15 of America's Got Talent.  They withdrew before the Judge Cuts.


The Demented Brothers competed on France's Got Talent in 2019 where they were semifinalists.


The Demented Brothers' audition in Episode 1503 consisted of performing magic. Although Simon Cowell voted "No", Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and Sofia Vergara voted "Yes", sending them to the next round.

Judge Cuts

The Demented Brothers have stated in a DM that they didn't attend the judge cuts due to Covid-19 and they didn't want to travel to the US.

After The Show

In 2021 the duo auditioned for ''Italia's Got Talent'', however they failed to reach the live shows.

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