The Power Team
Age (at audition) 30-38
Sex Male
Act Stunt Team
Seasons 3
Position Reached None

The Power Team was a stunt team act from Season 3 of America's Got Talent. It was eliminated in the audition round.


The Power Team is a group of world-class athletes who are also world-class speakers. They use their talents to spread the gospel and inspire people around the world to make positive changes in their lives. They utilize visually explosive feats of strength to enthuse, astound and to inspire crowds from both the Christian and secular community.

Most people recognize The Power Team from its many appearances on CBS, CNN, USA Network, Walker, Texas Ranger (with Chuck Norris), and several religious networks. They have been recognized by President George W. Bush and over 100 governors, senators, and congressmen for the positive contributions they have made to the lives of America's youth. 1


The Power Team's audition in Episode 306 consisted of performing stunts such as breaking through a burning plank and blocks of ice. At least two judges voted "No", eliminating the group from the competition.

Power Team - AMAZING! America's Got Talent July 22nd

Power Team - AMAZING! America's Got Talent July 22nd

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