The Rodeo Rhythm Kings
Age (at audition) 53-58
Sex Male
Act Bluegrass Band
Seasons 3
Position Reached None

The Rodeo Rhythm Kings were a bluegrass band from Season 3 of America's Got Talent. The group was eliminated in the audition round.


The Rodeo Rhythm Kings were formed in 2003. The idea was to play authentic, good ol' cowboy tunes the way folks best remembered them: On the Big screen, sung by Hollywood Idols like Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, The Sons of the Pioneers and more.

Somehow, the individual talents of these three men combined in a way to create pure magic. Jim is the band's arranger and handles most of the production. Bo's musical spontaneity, creativity and just plain "out there" stage persona keeps things fun and upbeat. Dave runs the show. He has the ability to "read" an audience's mind, giving them what they want, and when they want it. Of course, that means that no two shows are alike. Each show is a customized experience. The Rodeo Rhythm Kings' slogan is "Where Real Men Ain't Afraid to Yodel!" 1


The Rodeo Rhythm Kings' audition in Episode 303 consisted of performing "Pretty Woman". Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, and David Hasselhoff all buzzed the act. All three judges voted "No", eliminating the group from the competition. <audition

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