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Thomas Day was a singer from Season 15 of America's Got Talent. He was forced to withdraw during the Quarterfinals but returned as a Wild Card in the Semifinals, where he was eliminated.


Thomas Day is a singer and athlete from Nashville. Throughout his life, Thomas has been performing for people on ice during hockey games and on fields for soccer, football and baseball games. Currently, Thomas is ranked as one of the top football prospects in the country. However his true heart's desire is music. When he's not on the field, Thomas is home singing for his parents, playing piano and writing music.


Thomas Day's audition in Episode 1502 consisted of singing “Break My Heart Again” by FINNEAS. Howie Mandel voted "No", while Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Simon Cowell voted "Yes", sending Thomas to the next round.

Judge Cuts

Thomas Day automatically advanced to the Quarterfinals without performing in Episode 1508.


Thomas Day was initially supposed to perform in Episode 1513, but Thomas and his mother ended up contracting COVID-19, causing him to miss out on the Quarterfinals. His appearance in Episode 1513 was filled in by Nolan Neal while his slot in the Quarterfinals was replaced with Broken Roots.


Despite not performing in the Quarterfinals, Thomas Day returned as a Wild Card for the Semifinals after recovering from COVID-19. His performance in Episode 1517 consisted of singing Billie Eilish's "When The Party's Over". Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara gave him standing ovations.  Thomas did not receive enough votes to advance to the Finals in Episode 1518, eliminating him from the competition instead of Brandon Leake.


  • Thomas is the first act since Silvia Silvia and Duo Volta in Season 10 to withdraw after reaching the live shows he would be followed by Nightbirde and Gigi Deluxe & Devon from Season 16.
  • Thomas is the first act since Red Panda in Season 8 that made it to the Quarterfinals, withdrew before the Quarterfinals, but made it to the Semifinals as a Wild Card.
  • Since the format changed in Season 10, he is the first contestant to skip both Judge Cuts and Quarterfinals and is the first in the show's history to skip two rounds.
  • Thomas Day is the highest placing act in Season 15 to receive a “No” Vote in the auditions.
  • In his intro package in the Semifinals, he revealed he withdrew because he contracted COVID-19. However, in a Cameo that he filmed prior to the Semifinals, he says that he withdrew due to the football season at his school. [1] He later revealed in an interview that this was done because he did not want to reveal his mother having COVID-19, as well as his actual intention was to play football after he withdrew. [2]
    • This caused a huge controversy on social media, due to someone paying Thomas for the Cameo, only for it to be a lie, as well as the thought of him unfairly skipping a whole round of the competition and his return being a waste of a Wild Card slot.

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