• Here's the JC acts from all the seasons eligible. Boldface = Judges' Choice. Italics = 2-on-2

    Season 3

    • QF1: The James Gang vs. Elite
    • QF2: Beyond Belief Dance Company vs. ZOOperstars!
    • QF3: Michael Strelo-Smith vs. SickStep
    • QF4: Bryan Cheatham vs. The Tapping Dads
    • SF1: Daniel Jens vs. Jessica Price
    • SF2: Joseph Hall vs. Jonathan Burkin

    Season 4

    • QF1: Thia Megia vs. Arcadian Broad
    • QF2: Charles DeWayne vs. Tony Hoard & Rory
    • QF3: FootworKINGz vs. Pixie Mystere
    • QF4: Mia Boostrom vs. Erik & Rickie
    • SF1: The Voices of Glory vs. The Fab Five

    Season 5

    • QF1: Future Funk vs. RNG
    • QF2: Wreckless vs. Antonio Restevo
    • QF3: Kaya and Sadie vs. Jeremy VanSchoonhoven
    • QF4: Anna and Patryk vs. ArcAttack
    • YouTube: Cam Hodges vs. Kristina Young
    • Wild-Card: Harmonica Pierre vs. Michael Lipari and Ashleigh Dejon
    • SF1: Christina & Ali vs. Connor Doran
    • SF2: Alice Tan Ridley vs. Studio One Young Beast Society

    Season 6

    • QF1: Miami All-Stars vs. The Fiddleheads
    • QF2: Landon Swank vs. Smage Bros. Riding Shows
    • QF3: Seth Grabel vs. Professor Splash
    • QF4: Charles Peachock vs. Melissa Villasenor
    • YouTube: Beth Ann Robinson vs. West Springfield Dance Team
    • Wild-Card: The Fiddleheads vs. Summerwind Skippers
    • SF1: West Springfield Dance Team vs. Daniel Joseph Baker
    • SF2: Snap Boogie vs. Smage Bros. Riding Shows

    Season 7

    • QF1: Edon vs. Todd Oliver
    • QF2: Danielle Stallings vs. Donovan & Rebecca
    • QF3: All Wheel Sports vs. Wordspit and the Illest
    • QF4: All That! vs. Eric Dittelman
    • YouTube: Clint Carvalho and his Extreme Parrots vs. Drew Erwin
    • Wild-Card: All That! vs. Lindsey Norton
    • SF1: Todd Oliver vs. Joe Castillo
    • SF2: Lightwire Theatre vs. David Garibaldi and His CMYKs

    Season 8

    • QF1: Anna Christine vs. American Hitmen
    • QF2: Angela Hoover vs. Tone the Chiefrocca
    • QF3: Chicago Boyz vs. Mitsi Dancing School
    • QF4: Chloe Channell vs. Taylor Williamson
    • QF5: Duo Resonance vs. John Wing
    • SF1: Dave Fenley vs. Catapult Entertainment
    • SF2: D'Angelo & Amanda vs. Anna Christine

    Season 9

    • QF1: Baila Conmigo vs. Flight Crew Jump Rope
    • QF2: Mara Justine vs. Acte II
    • QF3: Mike Super vs. AcroArmy
    • QF4: One Voice Children's Choir vs. Kelli Glover
    • SF1: David and Leeman vs. Aerial Animation [Snapple Save: Mara Justine]
    • SF2: Smoothini vs. Christian Stoinev [Snapple Save: Blue Journey]
    • Top 12: Emil and Dariel vs. Miguel Dakota [Snapple Save: Sons of Serendip]

    Season 10

    • QF1: Alondra Santos vs. The Gentlemen [Dunkin' Save: Samantha Johnson]
    • QF2: 3 Shades of Blue vs. Freckled Sky [Dunkin' Save: Ira]
    • QF3: Benjamin Yonattan vs. Daniella Mass [Dunkin' Save: Gary Vider]
    • SF1: Samantha Johnson vs. The CraigLewis Band [Dunkin' Save: Benton Blount]
    • SF2: Gary Vider vs. Freelusion [Dunkin' Save: Uzeyer Novruzov]

    Season 11

    • QF1: Deadly Games vs. Hara [Dunkin' Save: Lori Mae Hernandez]
    • QF2: Kadie Lynn Roberson vs. ThroWings [Dunkin' Save: Sal Valentinetti]
    • QF3: Linkin' Bridge vs. Ronee Martin [Dunkin' Save: Malevo]
    • SF1: Edgar vs. Laura Bretan [Dunkin' Save: Tape Face]
    • SF2: Viktor Kee vs. Steven Brundage [Dunkin' Save: Sofie Dossi]

    Season 12

    • QF1: Just Jerk vs. Yoli Mayor [Dunkin' Save: Christian Guardino]
    • QF2: Eric Jones vs. The Masqueraders [Dunkin' Save: Evie Clair]
    • QF3: DaNell Daymon & Greater Works vs. Angelina Green [Dunkin' Save: Colin Cloud]
    • SF1: Eric Jones vs. Chase Goehring [Dunkin' Save: Evie Clair]
    • SF2: Colin Cloud vs. Diavolo [Dunkin' Save: Kechi Okwuchi]

    Season 13

    • QF1: Junior New System vs. Mochi [Dunkin' Save: Angel City Chorale]
    • QF2: Da RepubliK vs. Front Pictures [Dunkin' Save: Makayla Phillips]
    • QF3: Aaron Crow vs. The Future Kingz [Dunkin' Save: Daniel Emmet]
    • SF1: Duo Transcend vs. Voices of Hope [Dunkin' Save: Samuel J. Comroe]
    • SF2: Daniel Emmet vs. We Three [Dunkin' Save: Glennis Grace]

    Season 14

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    • For season 10 I would say:

      Samantha Johnson, Alondra Snatos, The Gentlemen.

      Freckled Sky, Ira, 3 Shades of Blue

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    • It's impossible to tell for sure.

      I'm most looking forward to actual legit Wildcard news because Freckled Sky was robbed.

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    • Well, I know it's impossible to tell, but who do you think?

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    • For Season 8: I think the judges always chose the more popular act whenever they avoided a tiebreaker.

      For Season 9: I believe Mike Super had more votes than AcroArmy in the quarterfinals. Mike turned out to be a strong wildcard. AcroAmy's popularity skyrocketed in the semifinals. Also, Smoothini definitely had more votes than Christian Stoinev.

      For Season 10: Samantha Johnson won the Dunkin Save by a wide margin. The Gentlemen *may have receieved more votes than Alondra Santos but it was close. Alondra is a very lucky girl to make it this far. Idk about 3SoB vs Freckled Sky, very close in the Dunkin Save. Daniella last night likely had more votes than Benjamin since she was very close to Gary in the Dunkin' Save.

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    • Upon looking at all these JC choices, I have found something interesting out.

      Not a single JC has ever won the whole thing. The closest is Taylor Williamson who was runner-up and even he only got through because he had more votes than Chloe Channell.

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    • Officially updated to include tonight's results.

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    • That is it for another year. Let's see how it will be in Season 12.

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    • You could also add the voting margin (ie. 2-1 or 3-0, or 2-0 of the third judge didn't vote). Just an idea.

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    • Looks like it's about time that I get to update this. Especially considering the first live results is this Wednesday. Okay. Will write this so I can get easier access.

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    • Looks like I'll have to do this again for next week!

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