• I have been wanting to make this thread for a while.

    Why is it that some acts are encouraged to perform an original song instead of a cover and yet other singers sing covers without the judges noticing? Why is it that singing original songs is considered a "risk" when a fair number of other acts do the same thing?

    Let's discuss.

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    • The show encourages artists to sing original songs because if they sing covers they have to pay a royalty to the owner of the cover. That's why "The Greatest Showman" is used so much because Simon has a good relationship with them and they probably don't ask for a crazy royalty. So yeah we are going to be hearing a lot of originals/Greatest Showman songs in lives. I won't be surprised if we hear "Never Enough" 4 times during the lives.

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    • That I call bullcrap on. AGT has enough money to guarantee every year that the winner will receive $1,000,000 and Simon has no doubt loads of money from Got Talent and royalty cheques from Idol and X Factor and other ventures. I'm pretty sure he could afford any song they want.

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