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Tonikaku is a novelty act from Season 19 of America's Got Talent.


Tonikaku’s real name is Shōgō Yasumura. Shōgō is from Tokyo, Japan.

In 2023, Shōgō competed on the 16th series of Britain’s Got Talent where he was eliminated in the Semi-Finals but was brought back as a wild card for the final where he finished last overall.

Additionally in 2023, Shōgō competed on both the 18th season of France’s Got Talent, where he was eliminated in the Quarterfinals and the 10th season of Italian competition series Tu Si Que Vales.

In 2024, Shōgō competed on the 16th season of Germany’s Got Talent.


Tonikaku’s audition in Episode 1901 consisted of performing a series of naked poses of an American footballer, John Wick, a basketball player and Chinese Theatre handprints, before culminating his performance by performing a quick compilation of each of them in a row and actually removing his underwear as if he would present himself to be naked before it was revealed he was wearing another pair beneath the pair that he had just removed. All 4 judges voted "Yes", sending him to the next round.

After the Show[]

Additionally in 2024, Shogo was a guest on the fifth Semi-Final of the 17th series of Britain’s Got Talent as a part of magician Trixy’s Semi-Final performance.

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