Hello I am Curious Poker Chip. You may call me Poker Chip, Chip, CPC, or just my real name, Tyler. I have been a big fan of America's Got Talent since Day 1 and have stuck with it through the best of times and the worst of times.

I am a big fan of the so-bad-they're-good acts on America's Got Talent, namely Big Barry, Sam B, Those Funny Little People and others. They liven up the show and add pure variety even if they are not the best talent-wise.

Favourite Acts

Least Favourite Acts

Fantasy Seasons (That I Hosted)

Season 1: (Finished)

Chip's Golden Buzzer: David & Dania - Quick Change

  1. Bianca Ryan, Singer
  2. Jon & Owen - The Passing Zone, Comedy Juggler Duo
  3. The Millers, Singer/Guitarist and Harmonica Player
  4. At Last, A Cappella Group
  5. All That!, Clogging Group

Season 2: (Coming Soon)

Season 3: (Finished)

Chip's Golden Buzzer: Jonathan Burkin

  1. Nuttin' But Stringz, Violinist Duo
  2. Neal E. Boyd, Opera Singer
  3. Queen Emily, Singer
  4. Kaitlyn Maher, Singer
  5. Joseph Hall, Elvis Presley Impersonator

Season 4: (Finished)

Chip's Golden Buzzer: Acrodunk

  1. The Texas Tenors, Vocal Trio
  2. Recycled Percussion, Percussion Group
  3. Barbara Padilla, Opera Singer
  4. Kevin Skinner, Country Singer and Guitarist
  5. Acrodunk, Acrobatic Basketball Dunkers

Season 5: (Finished)

Chip's Golden Buzzer: Haspop

  1. Fighting Gravity, Blacklight Dance Group
  2. ArcAttack, Technological Band (TIE 2nd place-3rd pace)
  3. Michael Grimm, Singer (TIE 2nd place-3rd pace)
  4. Jeremy Vanschoonhoven, Stunt Biker (TIE 4th place-5th pace)
  5. Prince Poppycock, Opera Singer (TIE 4th place-5th pace)

Season 6: (Finished)

Chip's Golden Buzzer: Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.

  1. Team iLuminate, Light-Up Suit Dance Group
  2. Landon Swank, Magician
  3. Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr., Singer
  4. Geechy Guy, Stand-Up Comedian
  5. Silhouettes, Shadow Dance Group

Season 7: (Finished)

Chip's Golden Buzzer: Andrew De Leon

  1. Tom Cotter, Stand-Up Comedian
  2. William Close, Earth Harp Musician
  3. Academy of Villains, Dance Group (3rd/4th place TIE)
  4. David Garibaldi and His CMYK's, Painting Dancers (3rd/4th place TIE)
  5. Olate Dogs, Dog Act

Season 8: (Ongoing)

Chip's Golden Buzzer: Forte

  1. TBA
  2. TBA
  3. TBA
  4. TBA
  5. TBA

Season 9: (Coming Soon)

The Champions One: (Finished)

Chip's Golden Buzzer: Viktor Kee

  1. Kseniya Simonova, Sand Artist
  2. Preacher Lawson, Stand-Up Comedian
  3. Attraction, Shadow Performance Group
  4. Deadly Games, Knife Thrower Duo
  5. Alex Magala, Sword Swallower (5th place/6th place TIE)
  6. Samuel J. Comroe, Stand-Up Comedian (5th place/6th place TIE)

The Champions - Redux: (Finished)

Chip's Golden Buzzer: Nuttin' But Stringz

  1. Tokio Myers, Pianist
  2. Mat Franco, Magician
  3. Calum Scott, Singer
  4. Nuttin' But Stringz, Violinist Duo
  5. Preacher Lawson, Stand-Up Comedian

The Champions Two: (Finished)

Chip's Golden Buzzer: Michael Grimm

  1. Angelina Jordan, Singer
  2. Marcelito Pomoy, Two-Voice Singer
  3. Duo Transcend, Trapeze Duo
  4. V.Unbeatable, Acrobatic Dance Group
  5. Brian King Joseph, Violinist

Britain's Got Talent: The Champions One: (Finished)

Chip's Golden Buzzer: Preacher Lawson

  1. Preacher Lawson, Stand-Up Comedian
  2. Kseniya Simonova, Sand Artist
  3. Alex Magala, Sword Swallower
  4. Paul Zerdin, Ventriloquist
  5. Tape Face, Mime

Ultimate All-Stars

Part 1

Chip's Golden Buzzer: Neal E. Boyd

  1. Terry Fator, Ventriloquist (season 2)
  2. The Texas Tenors, Vocal Trio (season 4)
  3. Nuttin' But Stringz, Violinist Duo (season 3)
  4. Michael Grimm, Singer/Guitarist (season 5)
  5. Jackie Evancho, Singer (season 5)

Part 2

Chip's Golden Buzzer: Siro-A

  1. Paul Zerdin, Ventriloquist (season 10)
  2. Forte, Opera Trio (season 8)
  3. Mat Franco, Magician (season 9)
  4. Emily West, Singer (season 9)
  5. Sons of Serendip, Band (season 9)

Part 3 (coming soon)

Other Fantasy Seasons

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Fresh's Ultimate Champions

GOLDEN BUZZER: Lost Voice Guy and Paul Potts

Fresh's Ultimate Champions 2

GOLDEN BUZZER: Flakefleet Primary School

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