Hey, the name's Rob. I go by Demon Taka. I like novelty acts like Yumbo Dump, Wes-P, and Sethward. I also like more serious stuff like Puddles or Tape Face, but there's always some comedy in there. Viktor Kee is my favorite completely non-funny Act.

My favorite pages

Demon Taka: The Story

It started in the early 2000s, when Demon Taka was born, Demon Taka has always been great at Singing, Card Magic, Dancing, Ventriloquism, Comedy, Impressions, and any sort of Novelty. But especially comedy. Demon Taka wanted to audition for season 12, but never did, Demon Taka auditioned for Season 13, but the video never submitted. Demon Taka will most definetly audition for Season 14 or 15.

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