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Top 5 Favorite Acts from each season (that I have watched)

Season 6

Honorable Mention: Landon Swank & Silhouettes
5. The Kinetic King (Quarterfinalist;Semifinalist)
4. Geechy Guy (Quarterfinalist)
3. Those Funny Little People (Quarterfinalist) 
2. Melissa Villasenor (Semifinalist)
1. Team iLuminate (3rd Place)

Season 7

Honorable Mention(s): Aurora Light Painters, Donovan & Rebecca, 
David Garibaldi and His CMYK's, Joe Castillo, Lightwire Theater
& Spencer Horsman

5. William Close (3rd Place)
4. Horse (Quarterfinalist)
3. Todd Oliver (Quarterfinalist;Semifinalist)
2. Tom Cotter (2nd Place)
1. Eric Dittelman (Semifinalist)

Season 8

Honorable Mention(s): Angela Hoover, Branden James, Chicago Boyz, 
Collins Key, David Ferman, Duo Resonance & Kenichi Ebina

5. John Wing (Semifinalist)
4. Forte (4th Place)
3. Catapult Entertainment (Top 12 Finalist)
2. KriStef Brothers (Top 12 Finalist)
1. Taylor Williamson (2nd Place)

Season 9

Honorable Mention(s): Blue Journey, Dan Naturman, Emily West & Wendy Liebman

5. Smoothini (Semifinalist)
4. Christian Stoinev (Top 12 Finalist)
3. Mike Super (Quarterfinalist;Top 12 Finalist)
2. Mat Franco (Winner)
1. David and Leeman (Top 12 Finalist)

Season 10

Honorable Mention(s): Derek Hughes, Drew Lynch, Gary Vider & Siro-A

5. Uzeyer Novruzov (Top 10 Finalist)
4. Piff the Magic Dragon (Top 10 Finalist)
3. Oz Pearlman (3rd Place)
2. Paul Zerdin (Winner)
1. The Professional Regurgitator (4th Place)

Season 11

Honorable Mention(s): Julia Scotti, Malevo, The Passing Zone & Viktor Kee

5. Jon Dorenbos (3rd Place)
4. Deadly Games (Semifinalist)
3. Ryan Stock and AmberLynn (Quarterfinalist)
2. The Clairvoyants (2nd Place)
1. Tape Face (Top 10 Finalist)

Season 12

Honorable Mention(s): Darci Lynne, Harrison Greenbaum, Just Jerk, 
Jonathan Rinny, Merrick Hanna, Puddles Pity Party & Tom London

5. Preacher Lawson (Top 10 Finalist)
4. Bello Nock (Judge Cuts;Quarterfinalist)
3. Light Balance (3rd Place)
2. Colin Cloud (Semifinalist)
1. Diavolo (Top 10 Finalist)

Season 13

Honorable Mention(s): Aaron Crow, Front Pictures, Junior New System,
Oliver Graves, The Sacred Riana, UDI & Yumbo Dump

5. Zurcaroh (2nd Place)
4. Duo Transcend (Top 10 Finalist)
3. Daniel Emmet (Judge Cuts;Top 10 Finalist)
2. Samuel J. Comroe (4th Place)
1. Shin Lim (Winner)

The Champions 1

Honorable Mention(s): Bianca Ryan, Drew Lynch, Deadly Games & 
Ryan Stock and AmberLynn

5. Alexandr Magala (Preliminaries)
4. Tape Face (Preliminaries)
3. Kseniya Simonova (3rd Place)
2. Jon Dorenbos (Top 12 Finalist)
1. Preacher Lawson (5th Place)

Season 14

Honorable Mention(s): Eric Chien, Greg Morton, Marina Mazepa & Messoudi Brothers

5. Marcin Patrzalek (Semifinalist)
4. Bir Khalsa (Quarterfinalist)
3. Light Balance Kids (Top 10 Finalist)
2. V.Unbeatable (4th Place)
1. Ryan Niemiller (3rd Place)

The Champions 2

Honorable Mention(s): Oz Pearlman, Marc Spelmann, Spencer Horsman & Voices of Service

5. Marcelito Pomoy (4th Place)
4. Ryan Niemiller (Semifinalist)
3. Silhouettes (Top 10 Finalist)
2. V.Unbeatable (Winner)
1. Duo Transcend (2nd Place)

Season 15 as of Episode 1504

Honorable Mention(s): 

5. Voices of Our City Choir (TBD)
4. Broken Roots (TBD)
3. BAD Salsa (TBD)
2. Ryan Tricks (TBD)
1. Brett Loudermilk (TBD)

Favorite Singing Act from each season (since Season 7)

Andrew De Leon (Semifinalist) (Season 7)
Forte (4th Place) (Season 8)
Emily West and Sons of Serendip (tie) (2nd Place and 4th Place) (Season 9)
The CraigLewis Band (5th Place) (Season 10)
Brian Justin Crum (4th Place) (Season 11)
Darci Lynne (Winner) (Season 12)
Daniel Emmet (Judge Cuts;Top 10 Finalist) (Season 13)
Bianca Ryan (Preliminaries) (The Champions 1)
Kodi Lee (Winner) (Season 14)
Voices of Service (Preliminaries) (The Champions 2)
Broken Roots and Nolan Neal (TBD) (Season 15) as of Episode 1504

Fantasy Series I have participated in

Foxy's Series

Main Judge on TheFoxyRiolu's Fantasy Season 12

Golden Buzzer: Colin Cloud (Quarterfinalist;6th Place)

Quarter & Semifinal Wild Cards: Yosein Chi (Judge Cuts;Semifinalist)
& Colin Cloud (Quarterfinalist;6th Place)

Honorable Mention(s): Jeki Yoo & Jonathan Rinny

10th Place. The Masqueraders
9th Place. Harrison Greenbaum
8th Place. Preacher Lawson
7th Place. Mandy Harvey
6th Place. Colin Cloud
5th Place. Angelica Hale
4th Place. Darci Lynne
3rd Place. Diavolo
2nd Place. Bello Nock
1st Place. Light Balance

Main Judge on TheFoxyRiolu's Fantasy Season 10

Golden Buzzer: The Professional Regurgitator (3rd Place)
Quarterfinal Wild Card: Alicia Michilli (Judge Cuts;Quarterfinalist)

Honorable Mention(s): Stacey Kay

10th Place. Piff the Magic Dragon
9th Place. Freelusion
8th Place. Drew Lynch
7th Place. Alex Boyé
6th Place. Oz Pearlman
5th Place. Xavier Mortimer
4th Place. The CraigLewis Band
3rd Place. The Professional Regurgitator
2nd Place. Siro-A
1st Place. Paul Zerdin

Main Judge on TheFoxyRiolu's Fantasy Season 14

Golden Buzzer: Verba (Semifinalist)

Quarterfinal Wild Card: Lukas & Falco (Judge Cuts;Quarterfinalist)

10th Place. Emanne Beasha
9th Place. Bir Khalsa
8th Place. Dakota & Nadia
7th Place. Light Balance Kids
6th Place. Marcin Patrzalek
5th Place. Ryan Niemiller
4th Place. Kodi Lee
3rd Place. Alex Dowis
2nd Place. Ndlovu Youth Choir
1st Place. V.Unbeatable

Chip's Series

Main Judge on Curious Poker Chip's Fantasy Season 6

Golden Buzzer: Team iLuminate (WINNER!)

5th Place. Silhouettes
4th Place. Geechy Guy
3rd Place. Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.
2nd Place. Landon Swank
1st Place. Team iLuminate

Main Judge on Curious Poker Chip's Fantasy Season 7

Golden Buzzer: Tom Cotter (WINNER!)

10th Place: Donovan & Rebecca
9th Place. Todd Oliver
8th Place. Eric Dittelman
7th Place. Joe Castillo
6th Place. Lightwire Theater
5th Place. Olate Dogs
4th Place. David Garibaldi and His CMYK's
3rd Place. Academy of Villains
2nd Place. William Close
1st Place. Tom Cotter

Main Judge on Curious Poker Chip's Fantasy Season 1

Golden Buzzer: The Passing Zone (TBA)

Honorable Mention(s): [[]]

4th Place. [[]]
3rd Place. [[]]
2nd Place. [[]]
1st Place. [[]]

Judge on Curious Poker Chip's "The Champions" Fantasy Season

Golden Buzzer: Kechi (Top 12 Finalist)

11th/12th Place. Kechi & Viktor Kee (tie)
10th Place. Paul Potts
9th Place. Tape Face
7th/8th Place. Jon Dorenbos & Shin Lim (tie)
5th/6th Place. Samuel J. Comroe & Alexandr Magala (tie)
4th Place. Deadly Games
3rd Place. Attraction
2nd Place. Preacher Lawson
1st Place. Kseniya Simonova

Judge on Curious Poker Chip's BGT: The Champions Fantasy Season

Golden Buzzer: Kseniya Simonova (2nd Place)

10th Place. Darcy Oake
9th Place. Connie Talbot
8th Place. Richard Jones
7th Place. Ben Hart
6th Place. Deadly Games
5th Place. Tape Face
4th Place. Paul Zerdin
3rd Place. Alex Magala
2nd Place. Kseniya Simonova
1st Place. Preacher Lawson

Main Judge on Curious Poker Chip's Ultimate All-Stars Part 1

Golden Buzzer: The Texas Tenors (TBA)

Honorable Mention(s): [[]]

6th Place. [[]]
5th Place. [[]]
4th Place. [[]]
3rd Place. [[]]
2nd Place. [[]]
1st Place. [[]]

Main Judge on Curious Poker Chip's The Champions 2 Fantasy Season

Golden Buzzer: Duo Transcend (3rd Place)

10th Place. Connie Talbot
9th Place. Michael Grimm
8th Place. Marc Spelmann
7th Place. Silhouettes
6th Place. Strauss Serpent
5th Place. Brian King Joseph
4th Place. V.Unbeatable
3rd Place. Duo Transcend
2nd Place. Marcelito Pomoy
1st Place. Angelina Jordan
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