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Venom Trick Shots was a pool trickshot act from Season 19 of America's Got Talent. He was eliminated in the auditions round.


Venom Trick Shots’ real name is Florian Kohler. Venom Trick Shots is from France, however he currently resides in Las Vegas. Venom Trick Shots is the current world champion for billiards trick shots.

In 2019, Venom Trick Shots and his wife Iana Kohler both became league operators for the APA Las Vegas Division.

Venom Trick Shots holds 7 Guinness World Records for Playing with the longest usable pool cue which was measured at 17 ft 7.4 in, Most pool balls potted into the middle pocket over an obstacle in 1 minute Highest jump pot of a billiard ball, Fastest time to jump pot 15 pool balls on a US table, Fastest time to jump pot 15 pool balls (one-handed), Longest duration to spin a billiard ball and Most pool balls jumped one-handed in 1 minute.


Venom Trick Shots' audition in Episode 1904 consisted of making trick shots with Heidi laying on the table and making shots into shoes held by Howie and Terry. Sofia Vergara and Simon Cowell buzzed the act. Although Heidi voted "Yes", Howie, Sofia and Simon all voted "No", eliminating him from the competition.

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