Vivien Vajda
Age (at audition) 23
Sex Female
Act Jump Rope Acrobat
Seasons 13
Position Reached Judge Cuts

Vivien Vajda was a jump rope acrobat act from Season 13 of America's Got Talent. She was eliminated in the Judge Cuts.


I am the 14-time World Champion Jump Rope athlete in individual events (speed and freestyle).

I started my sport career at the age of 4, as a figure skater taking after my father Laszlo, 10 times Hungarian Figure skating Champion and winner of many international championships. After moving to a town with no figure skating possibilities, I continued as a gymnast and participated at many Hungarian championships. At the age of 10, I got introduced to Jump Rope and since then been doing it professionally.

Besides the world champion titles, I broke 2 world records and a European record.

As a recognition of my results and career, I was invited to perform at London and Rio Olympic games, and also been invited to be one of the torch carriers at the Rio Olympic torch relay

I’ve done shows, workshops and seminars around the world, such as Mainland China, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, Brazil and most of Europe (Russia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, France, England, Portugal, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, Cyprus, Belgium, Holland) [1]


Vivien Vajda's audition in Episode 1305 consisted of her performing an elaborate dancing jump rope routine to "Changing" by Sigma. Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell all voted "Yes," sending her to the Judge Cuts.

Judge Cuts

Vivien Vajda's Judge Cuts performance in Episode 1308 consisted of performing an elaborate jump rope routine despite having both her ankles sprained. Her performance was not strong enough to advance to the Quarterfinals, eliminating her from the competition along with Shannon and Reckon and EXISDANCE.

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