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If you need help or notice something that doesn't seem right or you just have a question. You can contact the admins Erik10101 and Smackdownisblue using their Talk pages or emailing them at either or

AGT Wiki Rules (as of May 10, 2022)

General Rules:
1. Be nice and treat people with respect. Practice common decency.
2. Keep discussions civil and be open-minded about differing opinions. Do not force your opinions on other users.
3. Do not personally attack or harass others.
4. Keep political views to a minimum. This is not the place for controversial discussions.
5. Do not accuse someone of being another user.
6. Do not delete messages off of other people's talk pages unless they are your own messages.
7. If you are currently blocked and make another account and an admin finds out. You will be permanently banned.
8. Have fun! This is a site about an inherently silly show. We are all here because we like watching America's Got Talent.

Discussion Rules:
1. Do not spoil anything not yet broadcast on television. Keep all spoilers in any marked "Spoilers" discussions.
2. Do not post any personal attacks on any of the show's performers or judges. Feel free to express disappointment with a performance or a result, but insults about anything other than talent are not allowed.
3. If somebody tells you that you are annoying them, reign yourself in. We want to keep the community welcoming.

Editing Rules:
1. Do not Vandalize any pages. PLEASE use common sense.
2. Do not make unnecessary edits. [ex. Pup was Robbed.]
3. If you want to add a new category CONTACT AN ADMIN for permission.

Fantasy Season Rules:
1. You must use the correct title when making a page for it on this wiki.
2. Make sure to put your fantasy season discussion in the Fantasy Seasons Category.
3. Do not spam your fantasy seasons by making many separate discussions for each round.

If a user breaks a rule, they will be blocked, meaning they will not be able to edit or upload files for a time period specified by a moderator. The number of infractions will indicate the punishment, but the severity of the infraction may result in either increased lenience or toughness at a moderator's discretion.

1 Infraction: Warning
2 Infractions: Blocked for 3 Days
3 Infractions: Blocked for 2 Weeks
4 Infractions: Blocked for 1 Year
5 Infractions: Blocked Permanently

How to become an admin/etc.:
To get any role on the wiki all you have to be is a contributing member of the community by helping with editing the pages, engaging in discussions with fellow community members and other things. You can always ask but if we haven't seen that you have contributed enough to the wiki to consider a bigger role we will reject it.